Library of Congress to Help with Oral Histories from Katrina Victims

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The American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress is working with folklorists at the University of Houston and in Austin, Texas, to create an oralhistory project that will put academic survivors of the hurricane to work collecting survivor stories in Texas.

The Library is training historians and other academics in conducting oral histories, and will donate tape recording equipment for this project. In addition, the Library will assist in the development of a database and recording archive so that this collection of oral histories will be usable by historians, journalists and other researchers. The American Folklife Center is also working with folklorists in Baton Rouge and Shreveport on a similar project for hurricane survivors in those areas. • Once the New Orleans City Archives is restored, the Folklife Center has agreed to conduct a similar partnership project in New Orleans and will create a portal database that will house the oral histories collected in all three areas (Texas, central/north Louisiana and New Orleans).

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