For a New Russia, New Relics

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The latest chapter involved a funeral with full military honors inside the sacred Donskoi Monastery here on Monday, attended by the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Aleksy II, and some of the country's leading politicians. The body of Gen. Anton Denikin, a czarist commander of the losing side in the Russian Civil War, was laid to rest again, this time in his motherland, 58 years after he died in the United States.

He was not the first. Several other outcasts of the Soviet period - White Russians, ideologically suspect intellectuals, descendants of czarist royalty - have at last found their place, posthumously, in a new Russia. Buried with General Denikin last week was Ivan Ilyin, a philosopher who was expelled by the Bolshevik dictatorship in 1922 aboard what came to be known as the "philosophers' ship."

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