Alexander Hamilton's NYC Home to Be Moved

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The National Park Service (NPS) has selected a new location for the Hamilton Grange, the NPS administered New York residence of Alexander Hamilton. After existing for over one hundred years at Convent Avenue and 141st Street in New York City, Hamilton’s residence is being moved to St. Nicholas Park. By relocating the house the NPS hopes to reveal the true front and back of the structure and would permit the original porches to be reattached and enhance the visitor experience.

This is not the first time the Hamilton Grange has been moved. In 1889, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church purchased the land where the house originally stood; it was relocated a short distance away to clear space for a new road; it has stood at this location for just over 100 years.

Congress declared the house a National Memorial in 1962 and since that time had been looking for a more appropriate location for the residence of the noted American. St. Nicholas Park is just down the street from the Hamilton Grange’s original location. The move will be financed with federal funds.

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