Canada 150 events fail to showcase military's role in building nation, historians say

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University of Calgary military historian David Bercuson says the Liberals are making a political calculation in toning down its focus on the military around the milestone birthday.

On one hand, the party wants to showcase Canada's robust contributions to international allied operations. But on the other hand, it also needs to appeal to "pacifist" Canadians who traditionally vote NDP.

Canadian milestones like this are an important opportunity to not only remember the sacrifice of fallen soldiers, Bercuson says, but also to note the role military members played in shaping the development of the country industrially, economically and socially.

Yet that is not at the forefront of Canada 150 celebrations, he says. "I'm not surprised. I wish it were different."

Canadian Heritage is focusing on four key themes across government departments: diversity and inclusion; youth; environmental stewardship; and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

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