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It's not just Trump who's fond of Putin

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Why social conservatives have a thing for the Russian strongman.


by Rick Perlstein

On the liberal cult of the cognitive elite

Why Trump EO is Still a Racist Muslim Ban

by Juan Cole

The way you can tell that the list is generated by prejudice rather than security concerns is that there are plenty of states that are in worse shape than some of the 6 named but which are not Muslim-majority.

When Nasty Men Make Great Statesmen

by Gil Troy

Arthur Vandenburg was a piece of work in his personal life, but on the public stage, he evolved to became one of the greatest bipartisan forces in the arena of foreign policy.

Did American Racism Inspire the Nazis?

by Joshua Muravchik

A new book claims as much—and in so doing falls into the intellectual trap known as reductio ad Hitlerum.

The press was way more political in Jefferson's day - but he defended it anyway

by John Fea

The Founding Father had his problems with the press. But what he didn't note was that despite his agitation with the press, he defended a much more biased press as a necessary part of free speech.

No More Saturday Marches

by Nelson Lichtenstein

The brilliance of strikes and stoppages like the Day Without Immigrants and the Women’s Strike lies in organizers’ willingness to halt business as usual.

The Press Was the Enemy of the People in John Adams’s Era

by Jeff Biggers

Federalists even passed a law allowing the authorities to jail journalists.

The new authoritarians

by Holly Case

Last century’s dictators wanted to reinvent their subjects as ‘new men’. This century’s strongmen just don’t care. Why?

The February Revolution and Kerensky’s Missed Opportunity

by John Quiggin

If democratic leaders had seized the chance to get Russia out of World War I, Lenin, Stalin, even Hitler would have been footnotes in history.

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