Princeton’s Harold James warns World War Three is now a "serious threat”

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World War Three is now a 'serious threat', a historian has warned 

The possibility of World War Three breaking out is now a very “serious threat”, a prominent economic historian has warned.

Donald Trump’s election and the Brexit vote suggests people are losing faith in globalisation and it could result in a new world conflict, Harold James of Princeton University suggests.

“I think [a world war] is absolutely a serious threat,” he said in an interview with Sky News.

“In that sense I think the aftermath of 1907 is as interesting as the 1930s.

“Because after 1907 the foreign ministries, defence ministries, intelligence agencies started to operationalise information – to think that information was essential to the control of military events – and there was a kind of arms race in terms of communications control.

“And we’re seeing that kind of arms race at the moment I think.” ...

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