KKK closer to getting a highway in its name in Georgia

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The Supreme Court of Georgia has dismissed an appeal to block a lawsuit brought by the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a local KKK chapter, that is attempting to have its name placed on a stretch of highway in the state.

The KKK has fought for years in court to be able to pick up litter along a highway segment in Georgia, as part of the state’s  “Adopt-A-Highway” program. In exchange for doing so, the group would have its name placed on a sign along the road. The state had denied the group’s application, saying its“long-rooted history of civil disturbance would cause a significant public concern.”

In its decision Tuesday, the court based the ruling to allow the lawsuit continue on a technicality, saying the state agency involved in the case, the Georgia Department of Transportation, hadn’t followed the correct procedure for filing an appeal.

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