EU lawmakers call for Iron Curtain trail

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The European Parliament has called on European Union member states to support its proposal for promoting the route of the former Iron Curtain dividing Eastern and Western Europe as a tourist trail.

EU lawmakers said they wanted the 4,250-mile route to preserve the memory of the continent's division, promote a European identity and celebrate the reunification of Europe.

The trail would start at the Arctic Sea and lead along Finland's border with Russia, through the Baltic States and Poland to Germany, where it would shadow the former border between the eastern and western part of the country. It would continue along the Austrian border with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, and along the Danube to the Black Sea.

The proposal is partly inspired by the Boston Freedom Trail, which commemorates the Revolutionary War in the United States, and the Berlin Wall Trail, a 100-mile route that shadows the wall that divided the German capital during the Cold War.

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