Archaeologists: Stonehenge Not So Hard to Build After All

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A group of archaeologists from University College London have demonstrated that it might not have been that hard to construct Stonehenge by hand, without heavy construction equipment, after all.

While there are those who have pointed to the large circle of massively heavy bluestone blocks, and that they were quarried some 140 miles away in the Preseli Mountains in Wales, as a near impossible task for pre-industrial humans, the fact remains that the megaliths were transported across the country to Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire well before the advent of cranes, diesel trucks and highways.

The cognitive dissonance between the supposed “impossibility” of the task and its accomplishment has befuddled archaeologists for generations. However, a new experiment has shown that the difficulty of moving the stones from Wales to Wiltshire wasn’t nearly as high as everyone thinks.

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