Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians: 2016

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OAH's Storifyed Collections of Various Panels


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Highlights from the Meeting

● Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 -- Awards

Day 3 -- Panels

Day 4

HNN's Picks of Select Tweets

Fun, Interesting Tweets

People Doing a Lot of Tweeting

● Claire Potter @TenuredRadical

● John Fea @JohnFea1

● Liz Covart @lizcovart

● Dan Royales @danroyales

● Jim Grossman @JimGrossmanAHA

● Rebecca Noel @RRNoel

● Thomas Balcerski @tbalcerski

● Sam Redman @samueljredman

● Kevin Kruse @KevinMKruse

● Jacob Reames @jacremes