Monster Hurricanes Battered US Northeast 800 Years Ago

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Giant storms, possibly more powerful than any in recorded history, used to frequently pound New England. From the peak of the Roman Empire to the height of the Middle Ages, hurricanes of immense strength ravaged the area for over 800 years.

A new study of sediment deposits from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, shows that 23 severe hurricanes hit New England between 250 and 1150 CE. On average, that equates to a severe storm every 40 years. Many of these storms were more intense than any that have hit the area in recorded history.

The hurricanes which lashed the northeast United States in this period would now be classed as category 3 storms – like Hurricane Katrina – or category 4 storms – like Hurricane Hugo. If these sort of storms hit the area today, catastrophic damage would be inflicted.

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