University of Evansville history professor's cartoon response to Paris shootings read around the world

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University of Evansville history professor and part-time political cartoonist James MacLeod's response to Wednesday's mass shooting at a Paris magazine over its editorial cartoons was to immediately pick up pen and paper.

Picked up by the news website Vox, MacLeod's cartoon was soon featured among the cream of the crop of editorial cartoonists' responses published around the globe online and in print.

"I had that up probably in about an hour. I wish I would have had more time but it certainly was from the heart," he said.

The Scottish-born MacLeod said he has been drawing cartoons for about 30 years and has been publishing them professionally for about the last 8 years in Indiana -- many in the Courier & Press.

MacLeod said his cartoon was featured online for the entire day on the CNN homepage, and on Yahoo, CNN Europe, NBC, MSNBC, ITV, National Public Radio, Time, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, Times of Israel and Toronto Star, as well as numerous other outlets subscribing to the Scripps and Associated Press news wires. It was also broadcast on MSNBC, NBC's Today Show, NBC Evening News and the Al-Jazeera broadcast news network, as well as the website for the U.S. State Department....

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