Hero Marine Dad Will Unleash Hell Itself If Daughter’s World History Class Says Muslims Are Real

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In a shocking display of Political Correctness Run Amok, a high school in Maryland has banned a student’s father from campus simply because he threatened to “bring down a shit-storm” on the school unless his daughter’s World History class eliminated any mention of Islam, or at least excused her from having to learn that Islam has ever played a role in world history.

Last week, patriotic American Kevin Wood La Plata, Maryland, told La Plata High Vice Principal Shannon Morris in a phone call that it was just plain unacceptable that his daughter, a junior, should have to learn about the role of Islam in history, since he was under the impression that this would somehow make her into an actual Muslim. According to a the Maryland Gazette, the phone call led the school to seek a no-trespass order against Mr. Wood, just because he loves America (and apparently made unspecified threats to prove it):

Morris and La Plata High Principal Evelyn Arnold reported to the Charles County Public Schools central office that Wood in his phone call had threatened to upset the school environment in some way Monday, according to school spokeswoman Katie O’Malley-Simpson. O’Malley-Simpson declined to elaborate on what threats Wood had made.

If the trespass order is ignored, police could be called and have the violator removed.

“We don’t take that lightly,” said O’Malley-Simpson. “We have a lot of students, and safety comes first. We don’t allow disruptions at the schools, especially if we’re forewarned of them.”

Mr. Wood, who was a corporal in the Marine Corps, told the paper Monday “that he did not wish for his daughter, a junior at La Plata, to learn the Islamic religion, a faith he does ‘not believe in.’” It was unclear from the reporting whether anyone attempted to explain that it is actually possible to learn about a thing without magically becoming that thing. Or so the teachers unions would have us believe...

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