1,000 + historians have signed a petition protesting US government plan to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War

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This letter originated with John McAuliff, Tom Hayden and David Cortwright. 

2000 M Street NW, Suite 720Washington, DC 20036

Lt. Gen. Claude M. "Mick" Kicklighter
Vietnam 50th Anniversary Commemoration Program
1101 Wilson Blvd. Ste. 810
Arlington, Va. 22209

Dear Gen. Kicklighter, 

We write on behalf of many veterans of the American peace movement during the Vietnam era with a deep concern that taxpayer funds and government resources are being expended on a one-sided, three-year, $30 million educational program on the "lessons of Vietnam" to be implemented in our nation's schools, universities and public settings. 

We believe this official program should include viewpoints, speakers and educational materials that represent a full and fair reflection of the issues which divided our country during the war in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. 

We support the announced purpose of honoring our veterans for their idealism, valor and sacrifices, assuming that the full diversity of veterans' views is included. As you know, anti-war sentiment was widely prevalent among our armed forces both during and after service, and was certainly a factor in bringing the war to a close. 

Our current Secretary of State, John Kerry, was an important example of GI anti-war commitment. He served with distinction, was wounded in battle, eloquently testified in Congress and joined with Vietnam Veterans Against the War to return ribbons and medals in protest at the Capitol.

No commemoration of the war in Vietnam can exclude the many thousands of veterans who opposed it, as well as the draft refusals of many thousands of young Americans, some at the cost of imprisonment or of exile until amnesty was granted. Nor can we forget the millions who exercised their rights as American citizens by marching, praying, organizing moratoriums, writing letters to Congress, as well as those who were tried by our government for civil disobedience or who died in protests. And very importantly, we cannot forget the millions of victims of the war, both military and civilian, who died in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, nor those who perished or were hurt in its aftermath by land mines, unexploded ordnance, Agent Orange and refugee flight.

These are serious official historical omissions which cause a flawed understanding of lessons we need to absorb as a country 

Your official commemoration should be an opportunity to hear, recognize and perhaps reconcile or heal the lasting wounds of that era. If the US government cannot provide a bridge for crossing that Vietnam divide, how can we urge reconciliation in other parts of the world where sectarian tensions are on the rise? We believe, as did such a huge proportion of the US population decades ago, that the Vietnam war was a mistake. No commemoration of the war can ignore that view. How else can we as a nation hope to learn the lessons of Vietnam, to avoid repeating that mistake over and over again? 

The commemoration can also provide a model for international reconciliation by respecting the growing ties between the US and Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Whether current reality is seen as a hopeful illustration of moving beyond old conflicts or as evidence the war was unnecessary, the commemoration should not reopen wounds with new friends in Indochina by conveying a one-sided view of our shared history.

Please consider that our government is restricted by laws and precedents from subsidizing "viewpoint discrimination", in the phrase of respected constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the UC Irvine law school. Dean Chemerinsky cites the US Supreme Court decision, Rosenberger v. The University of Virginia [1995] where the Court found that students at a state-supported institution could not be denied the same benefits that other student groups received simply because of the nature of their views. Other laws and regulations going back to the 1950s forbid the government from using appropriated funds for self-aggrandizing propaganda or "puffery." In 1987, the US Government Accounting Office [GAO] investigated and chastised the State Department for funding propaganda pieces on Central America to influence public opinion in the United States. 

As we observe the fiftieth anniversary of the war and the concurrent anti-war movement, we would like you to consider the following: 

[1] an immediate meeting to explore the differences and similarities of our perspectives; 
[2] a voice for peace advocates in reviewing and preparing educational materials;
[3] a mechanism for attempting to resolve factual disputes as to the war's history; 
[4] invitations to peace advocates, as appropriate, to public conferences and dialogues sponsored by your agency; 
[5] an exploration of your possible presence at the fiftieth anniversaries of the teach-ins and first march against the Vietnam War next spring. 

Thank you for your consideration. 


Caroline Abbott

John Adamo

Carol Adams

David Addlestone

JudyGumbo Albert

James Alcock

Mark Allen

Mark Allen

Rika Alper

Robert Alpern

Elizabeth Alpert

Amy Alpert

Donna Alvah

Kathie Amatniek

Ann Ambia

Bonnie Anderson

GailWitte Anderson

Dave Anderson

Joan Andersson

Robert Anderson

Joel Andreas

David Applebaum

GeorgeC Archibeque

Christian Appy

Ninon Aprea

Ira Arlook

Kevin Armitage

Kenneth Ashe

Robert Atkins

Ti-Grace Atkinson

Helene Atwan

Paul Atwood

Rene Auberjonois

Bella August

Norman Aulabaugh

Steve Ault

Andy Ayers

William Ayers

Theodore Bagg

Gisela Bahr

Jeanne Baker

Kit Bakke

Jim Baldridge

Frank Bardacke

Elizabeth Barger

Alan Barnes

K. Barnett

MaryAnne Barnett

Jan Barry

John Bartley

JaneGriffith Barton

Thomas Bass

Wayne Bauer

Dale Baum

Rosalyn Baxandall

Thomas Baxter

Paul Beach

Margarette Beckwith

Madeline Belkin

Hope Benne

Asia Bennett

Lee Bennett

Scott Bennett

Phyllis Bennis

Sally Benson

Jeffrey Berchenko

Dennis Berg

Iris Berger

Richard Berliner

AndrewScott Berman

Jeff Bernstein

Anne Bernstein

Joe Berry

Robert Beverly

George Bieger

Ecrin Bilge

Stephen Bingham

TaylorF Binkley

Bruce Birchard

Robert Birchard

Herbert Bix

Jeffrey Blum

CarolynP Blum

Roy Boehm

Anne Boggan

Martin Boksenbaum

Joe Bonavita

Julian Bond

Gerald Bone

Carl Boone

Heather Booth

Paul Booth

James Borchert

Robert Borosage

Lady Borton

Kevin Bowen

Corey Brabon

Mark Bradley

Bob Brammer

Taylor Branch

Jan Brassil

JohnW Braxton

David Bremenstuhl

Howard Brick

Kaye Briegel

Robert Brigham

Ernest Brill

Keith Brinton

Beth Brockman

Frank Brodhead

Barry Brodsky

Carl Broege

Toney Brooks

Keith Brooks

Joshua Brown

Clyde Brown

Kenneth Brown

Sam Brown

Sharon Brown

Derek Buckaloo

Deborah Buffton

Robert Bughman

Robert Bughman

DavidH Bullard

Doug Bullock

John Burke

Lynn Burklow

Diane Bush

Kristin Cabral

Leslie Cagan

Steve Cagan

Scott Camil

MaryBaine Campbell

StanleyE Campbell

Ross Canton

Ken Carpenter

Bill Carpenter

MaryAnn Caton

Joe Cattolico

John Cavanagh

Courtney Cazden

Pat Cervelli

William Chafe

Helen Chauncey

Ana Chavez

Bob Chenoweth

Ben Chitty

Hilary Chiz

David Christman

Zeljko Cipris

Clay Claiborne

Thomas Clash

Charlie Clements

Dick Cluster

Kenton Clymer

Leon Clymore

Judith Coburn

Mardge Cohen

Robert Cohen

RobertDavid Cohen

Albert Cohen

Steve Cohen

Marjorie Cohn

Frank Colella

Linda Collery

Martha Collins

LloydStuart Colson, III

Jim Conn

MaryJo Connelly

AndrewFoster Connors

JV Connors

Tom Conrad

Rusty Conroy

Thomas Conroy

Charlie Cooper

Jack Cook

Ana Coria

Tom Cornell

EstherT Cornell

Tom Cornell

David Cortright

Bill Costley

Paul Couming

Andrew Courtney

Rachel Cowan

John Cox

Richard Crepeau

James Cromwell

John Cupples

Catherine Cusic

Daniel Czitrom

Donald Daiker

Victoria Daiker

Edward Damato

Stephen Dana

Bruce Dancis

Judy Danielson

Thad Danielson

Donald Danyko

Carl Davidson

Lawrence Davidson

Rebecca Davis

Rennie Davis

Joyce Davis

Charles Davis

JudyC DeBaca

Judth DeGroat

Julian DelGaudio

Winter Dellenbach

Anthony DelPlato

Lance DelPlato

Karen DeLue

Michael Dennis

Steven Deutsch

Rodney Dickson

David Dittemore

Linda Dittmar

Phyllis Dolgin

Shawn Donovan

DoloresA Donovan

Dan Dorfman

Arthur Dorland

John Dowling

Stuart Dowty

William Draper

Mara Drogan

Rebecca Drysdale

Thomas Dublin

Mary Dudziak

Mary Duerksen

Julianne Dumas

Kurt Dunbar

Geoffrey Dunbar

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

George Dutton

Janis Dutton

Arthur Eckstein

Tom Edminster

Corrine Egan

John Ehrenreich

Joanne Ehrhardt

Carolyn Eisenberg

Art Eisenson

David Elder

Geoff Eley

June Ellen Pulcini

John Ellig

DavidE Ellington

Heather Ellis

Daniel Ellsberg

Marilyn Elzey

Richard Erlich

GilS Espinosa

RaymondLee Eurquhart

Marilee Eusebio

James Eusebio

Kathleen Evans

Stuart Ewen

Steve Ewoldt

Benjamin Faber

Richard Falk

Dorothy Fall

Jim Fallon

Jim Fallon

Mike Farrell

Lawrence Faulkner

Gordon Fellman

Michael Felsen

David Fergusson

Richard Fernandez

Emily Fernbaugh

Connie Field

Anita Fiessi

Barbara Filner

David Finke

Wendy Fisher

Dena Fisher

Allan Fisher

John Fitzgerald

Ed Flaherty

Art Fleischner

Elisha Fleming

Cheri Fleming

Bill Fletcher

Jeffrey Fogel

Jerise Fogel

June Foran

Geraldine Forbes

Reese Forbes

Mark Foreman

Robert Forrant

Ernest Foss III

Diane Fox

Douglas Foy

Joseph Frankl

H.Bruce Franklin

Jane Franklin

Ellen Franzen

Anita Frijhoff

Patricia Froelich

John Froines

Ann Froines

Rich Fuller

John Funiciello

Stephanie Funiciello

Eric Gable

Nicholas Galinski

Janet Gallagher

Ruth Gallo

William Gamson

Zerlda Gamson

Jerry Garcia

Geoffrey Gardner

Sheridan Gardner

Tom Gardner

Reebee Garofalo

Helen Garvy

Greg Gaut

Don Gayton

Maggie Geddes

Geoff Geiger

Christine George

David Gerber

Deborah Gerson

Joseph Gerson

David Gerwin

Paul Giannone

Jim Giatdina

Christoph Giebel

Kathleen Gilberd

Daniel Gilman

Lawrence Gilpatric

Carter Giorgi

Greg Giorgio

Todd Gitlin

Diana Glasgow

Ted Gleichman

Pete Gleichman

Harriet Glickman

ShernaB Gluck

Fred Goda

Louis Godena

Petra Goedde

Beryl Goldberg

Bruce Goldberg

Jackie Goldberg

Janet Golden

Steven Goldfield

Warren Goldstein

William Goodfellow

Andrew Gordon

AnnD Gordon 

Linda Gordon

Stephen Gosch

Van Gosse

Patricia Goudvis

Donna Gould

Thomas Grace

David Gradwohl

Ivan Greenberg

Robert Greene

LesterMuata Greene

RonaldJ. Grele

RonaldJ Grele

Ellen Griffin

EricaRapport Gringle

Richard Grossman

Atina Grossmann

Mary Groves

Dorien Grunbaum

Tom Grunfeld

Kay Guinane

Peter Gunther

Alan Haber

Marilyn Hacker

Tom Hall

Morton Halperin

Victoria Hamlin

Susan Hammond

Jennifer Handley

John Hanrahan

Peno Hardesty

Roger Harris

Benjamin Harrison

Martin Hart-Landsberg

Tom Hayden

Thomas Heck

Laura Hein

Larry Heinemann

Marjorie Heins

Jerry Henderson

Dud Hendrick

Mundy Hendrickson

Beverly Henkel

Jim Henle

Tom Herbert

Julie Herrada

George Herring

Susannah Heschel

John Hess

John Heuer

Craig Hexham

Shawn Hicks

Daniel Higgins

Anne Hill

Donald Hindley

Alex Hing

Agatha Hinman

Clarissa Hinman

Priscilla Hinman

Tony Hintze

Felicia Hirata

Steven Hirsch

Doan Hoang

Adam Hochschild

Joan Hoff

Connie Hogarth

Charles Holmes

James Hornbeck

Dan Hosse

Doug Hostetter

David Hunt

Richard Immerman

Jean Inglis

Maurice Isserman

Geoffrey Ithen

Daniel Jackson

Cecelia Jackson

Miriam Jackson

Harold Jacobs

Walter James McIntosh

Christopher Jencks

Rebecca Jennison

Lawrence Johnson

Michael Johnson

T Johnson

Thomas Johnston

PatriciaA Johnston

GeorgeL Johnston

Diane Jones

Patrick Jones

Suel Jones

Margot Jones

Larry Jones

Frank Jordan

Steen Jorgensen

Frank Joyce

Jay Jurie

Torsten Kaiser

Terry Kalb

MaryQuinn Kambic

Fred Kaplan

Amy Kaplan

Ellen Kaplan-Maxfield

Gabriella Karsch

Michael Kazin

Kevin Kelly

Brian Kelly

Sanford Kelson

Myrna Kelt

MaryDay Kent

BenedictTria Kerkvliet

Jeffrey Kerr-Ritchie

Amy Kesselman

Alice Kessler-Harris

John Ketwig

Sallie Killian

Jeffrey Kimball

Jane Kirk

Eugene Kirkham

Paul Kittlaus

Karl Klapper

Andy Klatt

Matt Klein

Gretchen Klotz

Jon Knowles

Cynthia Koch

Ted Kogon

Ellen Kolba

Lawrence Korb

Dennis Kortheuer

Steve Kramer

Claudia Krich

Airy Krich-Brinton

Kitty Krupat

Heidi Kuglin

John Kulczycki

Jim Kurtz

Carol Kurtz

Demie Kurz

Peter Kuttner

Jeremy Kuzmarov

Barbara LaBelle

Scott Laderman

David Lamb

Jodi Lamhut

Joanne Landy

Elaine Langley

Susan Lathrop

Darrell Laurant

Daniel Lavery

Bob Lawson

Shari Lawson

Linda Laz

Mia Le

Dawn Le

Jackson Lears

KarenParker Lears

Rachel Lears

Adin Lears

MichaelR Leaveck

Judith LeBlanc

GL LeBlanc

PamelaTau Lee

Louise Legun

Roger Leisner

Jesse Lemisch

Barbara Leon

Robert Lerner

Mary Letterii

Nina Levine

Fred Levy

Penny Lewis

Jack Lieberman

Elliot Linzer

Julia Liss

Martha Livingston

Roget Lockard

Michael Locker

John Lodge

JamesW Loewen

Dave Logsdon

Rochelle Lokting

Leslie Lomas

Martha London

James Long

NgoVinh Long

Jacqueline Loomis

Linda Lotz

RupertCharles Loucks

Stephen Louie

Jeannette Love

Susan Lovell

Rosa Lucas

Don Luce

Rebecca Luening

Meizhu Lui

C. Douglas Lummis

Staughton Lynd

David M. Fahey

Eileen MacDougall

Arthur MacEwan

Robert Macieski

Don MacLeod

Christy Macy

Doug Magee

Peter Mahoney

Joseph Maizlish

Marion Malcolm

Jack Malinowski

Harriet Maneval

Kay Mann

Fred Marchant

MichaelL Marchino

Maria Margetis

Norman Markowitz

David Marr

JohnDouglas Marshall

Nancy Marshall

Dan Martin

Earl Martin

Jane Martin

Sante Matteo

Glenna Matthews

Michael Mauer

ElaineTyler May

Kenneth Mayers

John Maynard

John McAuliff

Chris McCabe

Gordon McClelland

Dennis McDougal

Susan McGarvey

Ray McGovern

Dermot McGrath

Stephen McKiernan

Rachel McMahan

Ronald McMahan

Marilyn McNabb

David McReynolds

Teresa Meade

Jonathan Meade

Ronald Mendel

Everett Mendelsohn

Laurie Mercier

Harry Meserver

Matt Meyer

JanieNelson Meyer

Steve Meyer

George Miische

James Miller

Carol Miller

Joseph Miller

Tom Miller

Wilbur Miller

Larry Miller

Timothy Milligan

Daniel Millstone

Bill Mims

Richard Minear

Steve Mirkin

David Mitchell

EllenSchneider Mitchell

Marcia Moonan

Regina Morantz-Sanchez

V.Tupper Morehead

Joel Morris

Sidney Moss

Sekou Mtayari

Tara Mullaney

Bobby Muller

Alan Myerson

Laura Myerson

Michael Myerson

Susan Naeye

Holly Near

Colin Neiburger

Lois Nelson

Lam Nguyen

Chung Nguyen

Thoa Nguyen

TranTuong Nhu

Jack Nicholl

Steve Nichols

Vince Nobile

Stephen Noetzel

Mary Nolan

IrwinH Noparstak

Don North

Carlie Numi

Karen Nussbaum

David O'Brien

John O'Brien

James O'Brien

Joanne O'Brien

Enrique Ochoa

Fancesca Ochoa

CharlesW O'Dowd

Arnold Offner

Diana Oleskevich

Joseph Onello

David Oppenheimer

Linda Orell

Gloria Osborne

Carolyn P Blum

Chuck Palazzo

Luce Palazzolo

Thea Paneth

Stephen Parry

Lewis Patrie

Thomas Pauly

Roger Peace

Rosemarie Pease

Bruce Pech

Peter Pedroni

AlbertJ Penta

Anne Peretz

Ron Perez

Rick Perlstein

Deryle Perryman

Dan Petegorsky

LyndaJackson Petito

Fred Pfeiffer

William Phillips

JonathanD Phillips

PeterNguyenThe Phuong

Robert Pike

Charles Pinderhughes

Ellen Pinzur

Mark Pittenger

LettyCottin Pogrebin

ML Polak

Harry Pontiff

James Gray Pope

Charles Powell

Margaret Power

Melinda Power

John Prados

Jim Price

Patrick Prein

Mary Prophet

Terry Provance

Michael Prucker

Louis Pumphrey

Maurine Pyle

Mary Quijano

Sophie Quinn-Judge

John Quist

Christine Rack

Jack Radey

Bill Ramsey

Anita Rapone

Marcus Raskin

Merle Ratner

Susan Ray

Linda Ray

Michael Reagan

Bob Redig

Kathy Redig

Ted Reed

Collin Rees

Mark Reeve

Danis Regal

Dick Reilly

Joan Reilly

Ward Reilly

Rick Reinhard

Larry Remer

David Rensberger

Susan Reverby

Ruth Reynolds

Brewster Rhoads

Cheryl Rhoden

Lucille Riccitelli

Thomas Richards

RosalieG Riegle

Beth Rimanoczy

GlenA Risdon

John Roberts

John Roberts

Neil Robertson

Jamala Rogers

CarlDouglas Rogers

David Rogg

Nora Roman

Dirck Roosevelt

Huck Rorick

Eve Rosahn

IrmaGarcia Rose

Peter Rose

Bruce Rosen

Ken Rosenberg

Murray Rosenblith

Robert Ross

Gary Rothberger

Richard Rothstein

Vivian Rothstein

Dawn Rubbert

Paul Rubeo

JackiFox Ruby

Jo-Ellen Rudolf

Richard Rudolf

Danilyn Rutherford

Paul Ryder

Ed Sacco

Toby Sackton

Josh Sale

June Sale

Beth Sanders

Laurie Sandow

Mark Santow

Judith Saraceno

Susan Sattel

NancyMiller Saunders

JohnW Sayer

John Schaefer

Jay Schaffner

David Schalk

Bill Scheurer

Gordy Schiff

Bruce Schmiechen

Steven Schneider

Wendy Schoener

Ellen Schrecker

Susan Schuurman

Joel Schwartz

JosephM Schwartz

ValerieStoll Schwimmer

GeraldAllan Schwinn

Donald Scott

Joan Scott

PeterDale Scott

Cynthia Scully

Chuck Searcy

Jeffrey Segal

Louis Segal

Mark Selden

Jessica Semon

Gunja Sengupta

Robert Shaffer

Grace Shahrokh

Duane Shank

Laurie Sheridan

Paul Sheridan

Michael Sherry

Robert Shetterly

Nancy Shier

Lynn Shoemaker

Richard Short

Steve Siegelbaum

Bobbi Siegelbaum

Lewis Siegelbaum

Sonia Silbert

Ramona Silipo

William Sinderbrand

Alan Singer

Phillip Singerman

Roy Skellenger

Andor Skotnes

David Slavin

Melvin Small

Amy Smiley

Wayne Smith

Benita Smith

Carol Smith

Billy Smith

SueMarx Smock

John Sniegocki

Peter Snoad

Elaine Sokoloff

Jeffrey Sokolow

Mark Solomon

Robert Spann

Robyn Spencer

JackBradigan Spula

Todd Stafford

Moe Stavnezer

KathleenB Stayton

Bernard Stein

Jon Steinberg

Ted Steinberg

Roberta Stern

DavidN Stern

EllenKadra Stewart

David Stewart

Ona Stonkus

Susan Strasser

LorettaM Strharsky

Tracy Strong

Philippa Strum

TommieLee Suber

David Suisman

Marianna Sullivan

Michael SullivanIII

Jim Sullivan

Jon Sumida

Roger Sundy

Chuck Sutter

James Swarts

Howard Swerdloff

Martin Tandler

Jennifer Tanner

Harry Targ

David Tarlo

Michael Tassone

Richard Taylor

Bruce Teague

Walter Teague

Noell Teasley

Anthony Tedesco

Glenn Tepper

John Terzano

William Thomas

JuliaAdeney Thomas

Allisyn Thomas

Barrie Thorne

Diane Tinnes

Ted Tipton

Sylvia Tiwon

David Tobis

Alex Tom

Monique Tonet

Kim Tormey

DorcasSantiago Torres

Robert Traller

John Trauger

Socrates Triantafillou

Bruce Trigg

John Trinkl

Phil Trounstine

Michael True

William Turley

Mac Turner (JohnM Turner)

Patricia Turner

Paul Turner

Margaret Ullman

JuanCarlos Vallejo

Charles Vandagriff

John VanEyck

John VanSant

Ted Varney

Stephen Viederman

Don Villarejo

Elias Vlanton

Beth Volk

Joe Volk

VietQuang Vu

KarenLee Wald

Richard Walden

L.Ling-chi Wang

Arthur Waskow

Steve Wasserman

Harry Watson

Tom Webb

Devra Weber

Barbara Webster

Bruce Weigl

Peter Weiler

Anne Weills

Barbara Weinstein

Cora Weiss

Peter Weiss

Jayne Werner

Rinda West

Patricia White

Joan Widdifield

Tobey Wiebe

Jon Wiener

Seth Wigderson

Robert Wilcox

Dan Wilcox

DebrahS Wiley

Carol Williams

James(Jim) Williams

RogerNeville Williams

Nadya Williams

David Willinger

Jocelyn Wills

Martin Wilson

Jim Wilson

Susan Wind-Early

Martha Winnacker

Barbara Winslow

Christopher Winter

Steve Wise

Leslie Withers

Warren Witte

Eric Witte

Lawrence Wittner

John Wolcott

Renee Wolters

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Deborah Wong

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Carole Wullum

MaryAnn Wynkoop

Linda Yarr

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