Declassified files show Nazi schemes to infiltrate Britain

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MI5 files declassified at the National Archives detail the propaganda techniques intended for use against Britain by Nazi agents.

In the Second World War the security services uncovered plots including an exploding chocolate bar, shaving brush detonators and bombs disguised as coal. False copies of the London Evening Standard were produced by the British, intended to cover-up reports of RAF fatalities. One Nazi propaganda leaflet stated: "Germany wants to live in peace with England. This has always been the political line followed by Adolf Hitler ... Why should England try to prevent this and let herself be dragged into a war for Polish ambitions?" Another read: "Shakespeare is more played in Germany than in England". Amphetamine drugs were also considered for use on German POWs and MI5 agents even took them first to test their efficacy. An MI5 memo from American intelligence states: "It enables the British service to get information voluntarily without undue coercion. It takes 10 minutes for this to become effective and a 'talking spell' lasts for about half an hour."

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