What was the impact of WW I on Britain's home front? Watch! (app)

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To commemorate 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, Rightmove has created Then & Now, an interactive journey into the past told through archive photos and Google Street View.

Then & Now lets users merge the past with the present, examining how our streets have evolved from the days of the Great War.

Visitors to the interactive gallery are taken on a journey through time, exploring how some of country’s best-known sites and typical British streets have changed over time.

Using Google Street View technology, Then & Now allows the user to not only see how the old photo merges with the modern street, but also fully immerse themselves in the experience to explore the area as it looks today.

Users simply use their mouse to “swipe” across the chosen Street View and reveal an insight into the past, as provided by the Imperial War Museum and other image resources. Clicking on the information icon reveals more about where and when the photo was taken.

In total, 13 photos from the duration of the conflict are used to help tell the story of the First World War on the home front.

Then & Now can be found on the Rightmove website here.

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