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Aftermath of bombing of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. Credit: Flickr

Historian's Take

  • Historian of terrorism worried about rise in militia groups (ABC News, 3-30-10)
  • Gérard Chaliand: Why We Need a Cool Assessment of Terrorism (History News Network, 7-29-07)
  • Walter Laqueur: Terrorism Won't Be Defeated in Our Lifetime (Wall Street Journal, 7-12-05)
  • Histories of Terrorism

  • Jeffrey William Lewis: A Brief History of Suicide Bombing (History News Network, 3-25-13)
  • Aziz Huq: Review of The History of Terrorism From Antiquity to Al Qaeda, ed., Gérald Chaliand and Arnaud Blin (History News Network, 12-29-07)
  • J. Frederick Fausz: The First Act of Terrorism in English America (History News Network, 1-11-06)
  • Counter-Terrorism

  • Fighting Terrorism, French-Style (New York Times, 3-31-12)
  • Jill Lepore: Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and the Law of Torment (New Yorker, 3-18-13)

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