war on terror

  • Americans Still Fumble in the Dark for Facts on Torture

    by Karen J. Greenberg

    The persistent efforts of scholars and human rights advocates are chipping away at the secrecy surrouding America's use of torture under the banner of national security in the War on Terror. 

  • It's Wrong for Biden to Punish Afghans for 9/11

    by H.A. Hellyer and Farid Senzai

    It's unconscionable to punish ordinary Afghans, who were themselves victimized by the Taliban, by seizing frozen bank funds as restitution to the families of 9/11 victims. 

  • The Elusive Guantanamo Endgame

    by Karen J. Greenberg

    "In the legal quagmire the U.S. has created, there is, in fact, no easy solution to closing Guantanamo."

  • Are We Forever Captives of the Forever Wars?

    by Karen J. Greenberg

    The Authorization for the Use of Military Force passed by Congress after 9/11 has been expanded from fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan to justify action in at least 19 countries. Repealing it is the first step to freeing Americans from the Pentagon's Forever Wars. 

  • Never Having to Say You're Sorry

    by Karen J. Greenberg

    Numerous players with large and small roles in creating the expansive War on Terror have issued mea culpas; the major architects and the interests who profit from war have not. 

  • Droning On: America's Assassins-in-Chief

    by Tom Engelhardt

    Since the Bush administration, every President has used drone technology to be the nation's assassin-in-chief. In a nation increasingly tolerant of mass COVID death at home, does this even have the power to shock?

  • "A Horrible Mistake": Time to Ditch CENTCOM

    by Andrew Bacevich

    Created by military reorganization undertaken by the Reagan administration, CENTCOM assumes control of potential military operations in 20 nations, where a half-billion people live. In the decades of its existence, it has overseen the decline and imminent collapse of American empire. 

  • Why Didn't We Leave Afghanistan Before Now?

    by Carter Malkasian

    Above all other considerations, America's interminable military presence in Afghanistan was driven by politicians' fears of blame for a future terrorist attack. 

  • The Profits of War

    by William Hartung

    Between weapons systems and a shadow army of contractors and logistics consultants, the War on Terror has been a bonanza for large corporations that shows no signs of abating. 

  • The Winner in Afghanistan? China

    by Alfred McCoy

    While the similarities between the American exits from Vietnam and Afghanistan are superficially obvious, the differences are more significant, and signal a steep decline in America's ability to influence world affairs.