New questions about Jimi Hendrix death

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Steven Roby is arguably the world's most knowledgeable Hendrix historian. Throughout his career, Roby has been credited for his research in six Hendrix biographies and two Hendrix album reissue packages, plus he also worked for Experience Hendrix, LLC, a Hendrix family-owned company founded by James "Al" Hendrix, the legendary guitarist's father.

Roby recently released Hendrix on Hendrix: Interviews and Encounters with Jimi Hendrix, a collection of some of the best Hendrix interviews, including his final interview given the week before he died.

Noisecreep spoke with Roby to get more insight on the influential guitarist.

First off, how did you gain access to all of these interviews? You must have the world's most extensive Hendrix archive.

I've been a fan and collector since I was 12. I discovered a growing collector's network shortly after Hendrix died, and started assembling my own archives. I've spent the past forty years or so tracking down people that either interviewed Jimi or knew him well. It still amazes me that are some tapes still out there tucked away in people's attics that they just don't know what to do with. I met a guy in Seattle not too long ago who recorded Hendrix in Florida in 1970. It's a tape that a select few have heard. Sometimes it feels like being a detective....

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