History shows secession not the best idea, a logistical nightmare

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Wednesday morning, a petition calling for North Carolina to secede from the United States reached 25,000 signatures, meaning the White House will respond following a review of the petition....

...[T]he overriding question is whether [the petition is] worth [its] salt.

Not so much, says University of North Carolina professor Joseph Glatthaar. A professor of history in Chapel Hill, Glatthaar specializes in the American Civil War and American military history; he is also president of the Society for Military History.

Glatthaar explains that secession is unconstitutional, citing the Supreme Court's 1869 ruling in "Texas v. White."

The decision said that Texas, as well as the rest of the Confederacy, never left the Union during the Civil War, because a state cannot secede from the United States without agreement from both the state and federal government....

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