Ancient Fortress Found in Spain

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Spanish archaeologists have discovered an impressive structure with 4,200-year-old outer walls and six pyramid-shaped towers, representing the most architecturally advanced Bronze Age fortress.

Called La Bastida, the Spanish fortification system stood in the sierras of Totana, in the southeastern Murcia region. It was built with large stones and lime mortar and consisted of 10-foot-thick walls that were once 22 feet high and imposing pyramid-based towers. ‭

So far the archaeologists led by ‬Vicente Lull,‭ ‬professor of prehistory of the Autonomous University of Barcelona‭, have unearthed ‬ six towers along a length of‭ ‬230 feet,‭ although‬ the full perimeter of the fortification measured about 1,000 feet.

The entrance to the enclosure consisted of a passageway built with strong walls and large doors at the end,‭ ‬held shut with thick wooden beams.‭...

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