Iranian-American to publish Holocaust history online for Iranians

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It's not hard for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to insist that the Holocaust never took place when there's virtually no Persian-language record of it, but an Iranian-American author is making it his mission to correct the historical record in his homeland.

Ari Babaknia, a 65-year-old from Orange County, Calif., has written a four-volume book in Persian entitled "Holocaust," which he hopes will allow Iranians to learn the truth about the suffering of Jews at the hands of Nazis. Babaknia hopes to make the book available for free online within the borders of Iran.

“It is not enough to sell this book," said Babaknia, a Jew who went to medical school in Iran in the 1970s and now is a fertility specialist in Newport Beach, Calif. "The power and reach of the Internet is where the real impact of this book will be....

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