Kenmore church marks restored grave of Sikh empire's heir

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A gathering is to take place at a church in rural Perthshire to mark the restoration of the gravestone of a child who would have inherited the Sikh empire.

In 1865, Maharajah Duleep Singh buried his son at Kenmore Parish Church. The Maharajah was the Sikh empire's last ruler and was exiled to the UK when his kingdom was annexed by the East India Company in 1849. The event has been organised by the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail (ASHT).

At its height the Sikh Empire was over twice the size of the United Kingdom and was based around the Punjab region of India.

However, a bloody war with the East India Company saw it eventually annexed and Maharajah Singh was exiled to Britain at the age of 10. His friendship with Queen Victoria however, led to the former Indian royal moving to Scotland in 1855 under the guidance of his guardian Sir John Login....

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