Hillary Clinton dubbed ‘most traveled’ secretary by glossy mag, but that depends on the criteria

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There’s Hillary Clinton, gracing the cover of this month’s Conde Nast Traveler, looking ever the glamorous jet-setter in a tweed pantsuit, arms crossed, standing in front of the exotic-looking Humayan’s Tomb in New Delhi.

The glossy cover bears the headline “19,000 MILES WITH THE MOST TRAVELED SECRETARY OF STATE IN HISTORY.”

But wait just a New York minute. ... [T]he title “most traveled” could very well go to former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice. As our truth-squadding colleague Glenn Kessler at the Fact Checker blog noted after a recent Loop mention of Clinton’s milestones, the State Department’s claims of Clinton’s travel supremacy might be a little premature (Kessler even gave the Loop a dreaded Pinocchio for buying the agency’s lines)....

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