Hess's dog made to race by Brits during WWII

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London, August 17 (ANI): A Greyhound, owned by Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolph Hess, took part in dog races almost every weekend in Wales during the war, a historian has revealed.

Dewi Bowen, a Welsh historian, has said that Nimrod, the dog - a regular at Penydarren Park - was given to Hess after he took his crazy flight to the UK in 1941 in a bid to sue for peace with Winston Churchill.

Hess spent most of his time as a Prisoner of war confined to Maindiff Court Military Hospital in Abergavenny.

Bowen, 85, said that Nimrod was given to him in a bid to keep his mind off of committing suicide.

"Almost every Saturday afternoon during the Second World War a private soldier with a greyhound traveled down from Abergavenny to Merthyr Tydfil by train and dropped off at Cefn Coed to quench his thirst at the Railway Inn," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying....

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