Census Bureau Launches New Website

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The Census History Staff has now launched a new website that makes its publications and services available online. There are high hopes also of being able to provide electronic copies of all available procedural histories as well transcripts of oral histories and a variety of publications and articles relating to the history of the Census Bureau and its efforts to provide quality data about America's people and economy.

Beginning in the 1950s the United States Census Bureau established a formal history program to prepare procedural histories of the Census of Population and Housing. By 1968, census historians produced procedural histories of the 1960 Population and Housing census and the 1963 economic and 1964 agricultural censuses. Since its official establishment in 1972, the Census History Staff has continued to produce these histories and its responsibilities for preserving the institutional history of the census have grown more expansive with the development of special publications, including the "Factfinder for the Nation" series, the oral history project that began in 1983; a variety of monographs and research papers on specific Census Bureau operations, activities, and projects; and most recently a symposium, "America's Scorecard" focusing on the role of the census in American life.

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