Mormon History Association meeting in Calgary

Historians in the News

For the second time in its 47-year history, the Mormon History Association is taking its annual conference to Canada — but in Calgary this time, in the western province of Alberta, where the first Mormon settlers to the country founded the town of Cardston 125 years ago.

"We met in Kingston, Ontario, in 1995," association president Richard L. Jensen noted, "and just crossing that border and getting some Canadian perspective on things, a little bit different from what you get from the Americans, was a really refreshing experience. We hope to take advantage of that again this time with some new views of things in connection with our conference theme."

That theme is "Mormonism in Its Expanding Global Context: Invitations to New Interpretation and Understanding." More than 130 scholars and students have been invited to address that theme in papers to be presented in some 50 sessions....

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