Garry Wills' biting rejoinder adds to the debate on the Vatican's rebuke of U.S. nuns

Garry Wills, one of the leading thinkers on Catholicism in America and a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, has a few choice words for the Vatican on the matter of its recent rebuke of American nuns.

In a blog today for the New York Review of Books, Wills writes, under the heading "Bullying the Nuns":

"The Vatican has issued a harsh statement claiming that American nuns do not follow their bishops' thinking.  That statement is profoundly true.  Thank God, they don't."

I wrote about this controversy the other day and got a great deal of response from local readers, expressing a broad spectrum of opinion. 

Some of the response came by email, with many readers providing memories of nuns who made a positive difference in their lives, and a few saying "You go" to the Vatican....

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