Garry Wills' biting rejoinder adds to the debate on the Vatican's rebuke of U.S. nuns

Historians in the News

Garry Wills, one of the leading thinkers on Catholicism in America and a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, has a few choice words for the Vatican on the matter of its recent rebuke of American nuns.

In a blog today for the New York Review of Books, Wills writes, under the heading "Bullying the Nuns":

"The Vatican has issued a harsh statement claiming that American nuns do not follow their bishops' thinking.  That statement is profoundly true.  Thank God, they don't."

I wrote about this controversy the other day and got a great deal of response from local readers, expressing a broad spectrum of opinion. 

Some of the response came by email, with many readers providing memories of nuns who made a positive difference in their lives, and a few saying "You go" to the Vatican....

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