Updated OAH/NCPH 2012 Sessions List (Now with Room Numbers!)



The 2012 Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians starts in earnest this Thursday in Milwaukee. As always, HNN will be posting updates from the convention floor.

Below is a list of interesting sessions at this year's OAH -- if you'll be attending one of this sessions, let us know how it goes on Twitter by tagging @myHNN.

Full OAH Program


Contesting Conservative Interpretations of the Founding Fathers

103-C, FAC

Moderator: Nancy Isenberg, Louisiana State University

Barbara Clark Smith, Curator of Political History, Smithsonian Institution
Saul Cornell, Fordham University
Andrew Schocket, Bowling Green State University
David Waldstreicher, Temple University

Roundtable: Private Wealth in American Politics

202-C, FAC

Plutocracy in America, 1880s-1910s
Colleen Dunlavy, University of Wisconsin

Roots of the Bank War: American Politicans and Business Enterprise after the War of 1812
Reeve Huston, Duke University

The Myth of the Campaign Newspaper
Jeffrey L. Pasley, University of Missouri

Big Business Speaks: Corporate Lobbying in the 1970s
Benjamin Waterhouse, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Working Group: Civil War Sesquicentennial  ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED THURSDAY AT 3:00 PM

Jim Campi and Todd Groce are unable to participate

103-D, FAC

Bob Beatty, American Association for State and Local History
W. Eric Emerson, South Carolina Department of Archives and History
Dwight Pithcaithley, New Mexico State University

James Campi, Civil War Trust
Michelle Delaney, Smithsonian Institution Office of the Undersecretary for History, Arts, and Culture
Barbara Franco, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Todd Groce, Georgia Historical Society
Kevin Levin, St. Anne's Belfield School
Lorraine McConaghy, Museum of History and Industry
Kent A. McConnell, Phillips Exeter Academy
Serge Noiret, European University Institute
Gregory Ruth, Loyola University Chicago
Andrew Talkov, Virginia Historical Society


Advise and Dissent: Intellectuals, Values, and Postwar Conservative Trajectories

202-B, FAC

Chair: J. David Hoeveler, UW Milwaukee

A Victorian in a Postmodern Age: Gertrude Himmelfarb and the Neoconservative Politics of History
Andrew Hardman, Illinois State University

 A Thoroughly Admirable Dissent: The Conservatism of Stephen J. Tonsor
Gregory Schneider, Emporia State University

Tall Ideas Dancing: Compassion, Capitalism, and the Aesthetics of Conservatism
Lisa Szefel, Pacific University

Commentator: George H. Nash, independent scholar

Frontiers of Trust: Confidence Building in American Business and Technology

202-A, FAC

Chair: Stephen Mihm, University of Georgia

Corporate Reputation and Regulation in Historical Perspective
Rowena Olegario, University of Oxford

Graybeards versus Sock-Puppets: Mistrust and Consensus in a Community of Internet Engineers
Andrew Russell, Stevens Institute of Technology

Traveling Salesmen and Trust Brokering in the Nineteenth-Century Grocery Trade
Susan Spellman, Miami University

Manufacturing Trust: Experts and the Production of Energy Statistics in the United States, 1973-1982
Lee Vinsel, Harvard University

Commentator: Stephen Mihm

From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: The Rise of Punitive Policy at the Federal, State, and Local Levels

101-B, FAC

Chair: Khalil Gibrain Muhammad, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Arming the Footsoldiers: The Nixon Administration and Federal Investment in Urban Police Forces
Elizabeth Kai Hinton, Columbia University

Embracing Punishment: The Demise of the Rehabilitative Ideal and the Ruse of Punitive Criminal Sentencing in California, 1968-1980
Julilly Kohler-Hausmann, Cornell University

Warring on Poverty is Warring on Crime: the Problem of Crime in the Great Society, 1964-1968
Jessica Neptune, University of Chicago

Commentator: Heather Ann Thompson, Temple University


Working Group: What It’s Worth: Valuing and Pricing the Work of Historical Consultants ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED THURSDAY AT 1:00 PM

Christy Davis, Kerry Davis, Lynn Kronzek, and Lisa Singleton are no longer participating

103-B, FAC

Emily Greenwald, Historical Research Associates, Inc.
Kathy Shinnick, Consulting Historian


Michael Adamson, CSU Sacremento
Susan Ferentinos, Independent Historian
Angi Fuller Wildt, University of South Carolina
Lynn Kronzek, Lynn C. Kronzek and Associates
Lisa Singleton, ILO Century Project at the International Labour Organization
Stephanie Stegman, independent historian
Barbara Stokes, Museum of South Texas History
Anne Mitchell Whisnant, UNC Chapel Hill
Morgen Young, Senior Historian and Owner Alder, LLC


Roundtable: The Revolution in American Life

101-A, FAC

Moderator: Sarah Purcell, Grinnell College

The Founding Syndrome: Rhetoric and Reality in the Revolutionary Era and Beyond
Michael McDonnell, University of Sydney

Peace Reformers and the Specter of the Revolution
Carolyn Eastman, Virginia Commonwealth University

Old Fashioned "Tea Parties": Nineteenth-Century Parodies of the Revolution
Frances Clarke, University of Sydney

Containing the Contradictions: The Revolution Remembered 1890-1945
Clare Corbould, Monash University

Remembering the Revolution: Individual and Collective Memories in the Twentieth Century
Fitzhugh Brundage, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Roundtable: The Warfare State since the Vietnam War

101-B, FAC

Moderator: Corey Robin, Brooklyn College and City College of New York Graduate School

Michael J. Allen, Northwestern University
Beth Bailey, Temple University
Fredrik Logevall, Cornell University

Roundtable: Religion, Corporate Capitalism, and Democracy in the Twentieth Century

103-C, FAC

Chair: David Chappell, University of Oklahoma

Kate Bowler, Duke University
Darren Dochuk, Purdue University
Darren Grem, Emory University
Kathryn Lofton, Yale University
Bethany Moreton, University of Georgia

Commentator: David Chappell

The Corporate University: Capitalism, Labor, and the Crisis in Democracy

102-C, FAC

Moderator: Corey D.B. Walker, Brown University

Mari Jo Buhle, Brown University
Michael Cohen, University of California, Berkeley
Russel Rickford, Darmouth College
Kyle Schafer, Organizer, UNITE HERE, Chicago

FRIDAY, APRIL 20 – 8:30 AM                                                          

Congress and American Political History

103-C, FAC

Chair: Jane Dailey, University of Chicago

The Field of Blood: The Culture of Congress in Antebellum America
Joanne Freeman, Yale University

Congress, the Appropriations Power, and Late-Twentieth-Century Foreign Policy
Rober Johnson, Brooklyn College

Closing the Window: The 1966 Midterm Elections and their Aftermath
Julian Zelizer, Princeton University

Commentator: William Howell, University of Chicago, and Jane Dailey

Multinational Corporations and International Politics

202-E, FAC

Chair: Marcelo Bucheli, University of Illinois

Measuring the Power of Multinational Corporations: Problems in Theory and Evidence
Christopher Endy, CSU Los Angeles

Markets, Ethics, and Globalization: The United States and Transnational Corruption in the 1970s
Vernie Alison Oliveiro, Harvard University

Multinational Corporations and Human Rights: The New International Economic Order and the Third World Challenge to MNCs in the 1970s
Brad Simpson, Princeton University

Commentator: Marcelo Bucheli

The Return of Political Economy?

Ballroom B, FAC

Richard White is unable to participate

Chair: Robin Einhorn, University of California, Berkeley

Sven Beckert, Harvard University
Jefferson Cowie, Cornell University
Kimberly Philips-Fein, New York University
Adolph Reed, University of Pennsylvania

FRIDAY, APRIL 20 – 10:00 AM                                                        

Narratives of Economic Crisis: What They Tell Us; Why They Matter

202-C, FAC

Chair: Steve Fraser, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Panic-less Panic: The Strange Career of the Panic of 1837
Jessica Lepler, University of New Hampshire

Four Horsemen of the Liberal Apocalypse: Moody, Freud, Chekhov, and Luxemburg Describe the Panic of 1873
Scott Nelson, College of William and Mary

Narrating the "Great Recession": Big Government: the Money Trust and the Politics of Economic Reform
Alice O'Connor, UC Santa Barbara

Commentator: Steve Fraser

A Different Kind of History: Historians in the Legal Arena

102-E, FAC

Chair: Alan Newell, Historical Research Associates, Inc.

Michael Adamson, CSU Sacramento
Emily Greenwald, Historical Research Associates, Inc.
Douglas R. Littlefield, Littlefield Historical Research

Undermining the Regulatory State from Within: Law, Administration, and Conservatism in Late-Twentieth Century America

202-E, FAC

Chair: Shane Hamilton, University of Georgia

Deregulation by Other Means: Bureaucratic Power and Reagan's 1980 Presidential Transition
Eduardo Canedo, University of Connecticut

Ronald Reagan's Struggle to End Legal Services and the Rise of the Unitary Executive
Alexander Gourse, Northwestern University

Labor, Law, and the Limits of the Reagan Revolution
Sophia Lee, University of Pennsylvania

Commentator: Reuel Schiller, UC Hastings

Roundtable: Military History and the Creation and Application of Counterinsurgency Doctrine

101-A, FAC

Moderator: John A. Lynn, Northwestern University

Andrew Birtle, U.S. Army Center of Military History
Conrad C. Crane, U.S. Army Institute for Military History
Brian M. Linn, Texas A&M
Peter Mansoor, The Ohio State University

Historical Perspectives on the Democratic Revolutions in the Middle East

102-C, FAC

Chair: Michael Sherry, Northwestern University

The Roots of the Democratic Upheavals in the Middle East
Rashid Khalidi, Columbia University

Commentators: Juan Cole, University of Michigan, and Melani McAlister, George Washington University

FRIDAY, APRIL 20 – 1:30 PM                                                        

Remembering and Interpreting Women in the U.S. Military

102-D, FAC

Moderator: Loren Miller, American University

Laura Browder, University of Richmond
Robbie Fee, Women in Military Service for America Foundation
Megan Harris, Veterans History Project, Library of Congress
Beth Ann Koelsch, the Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

What's Good for America: New Perspectives on Business and the State

203-D, FAC

Chair: Paula Baker, The Ohio State University

Building a Civic Welfare State: Businessmen's Forgotten Campaign to Remake Industrial America, 1919-1929
Daniel Amsterdam, The Ohio State University

Implementing the Powell Memorandum: Pacific Legal Foundation, Property Rights, and the Courts
Jefferson Decker, Rutgers University

Pocketbooks before Patriotism: The Curious Campaign to Sell War Bonds during World War II
Jason Petrulis, University of Illinois

Commentator: Jason Scott Smith, University of New Mexico

Desegregating Backlash: Liberals and African Americans in the Making of Modern Conservatism

103-A, FAC

Chair: Heath Ann Thompson, Temple University

Intellectual White Flight: Conservatism's History and Ours
Nathan Connolly, Johns Hopkins University

Democrats, the Conservative Ascendency, and the Backlash against Civil Rights
Brett Gadsden, Emory University

African American Republicans and the Appropriation of "Black Urban Rage"
Leah Wright, Wesleyan University

Commentator: Heather Ann Thompson

Making Working-Class Women's History

202-A, FAC

Moderator: Priscilla Murolo, Sarah Lawrence College

Building an Archive: Working-Class Women's Stories of Activism in the 1970s and 1980s
Joey Fink, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Public Policy and Women in Non-Traditional Work
Francine Moccio, Emory University Law School

Building an Archive: Working-Class Women's Stories of Activism in the 1970s and 1980s
Jessica Wilkerson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Wages, Not Welfare": Low-Wage Women Workers, Union Radicalism, and Political Engagement, 1970s to 1980s
Naomi R. Williams, University of Wisconsin-Madison

What Historians Can Teach Activists about Opposing Modern Slavery, and Vice-Versa

203-B, FAC

Chair: Robert P. Forbes, University of Connecticut

Eighteenth and Early-Nineteenth-Century British Antislavery: A Case Study in Successful Mobilization
David Richardson, University of Hull

Combating Slavery Today: What Historians Need to Learn from Activists
Louise Shelley, George Mason University

Defeated by the Past? Historians, Activists, and the Challenge of Contemporary Slavery
James Banner Stewart, Macalester College

Historians and Climate Change

103-C, FAC

Chair: Philip Scarpino, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Mark Carey, University of Oregon
Rebecca Conrad, Middle Tennessee State University
David Glassberg, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Nancy Langston, University of Wisconsin

Organizing Workers in the New Jungle: Labor Activists and Scholars in Dialogue

Ballroom B, FAC

Chair: Nancy MacLean, Duke University

Kim Bobo, Interfaith Worker Justice
Janice Fine, Rutgers University
Jennifer Klein, Yale University
Andrea van den Heever, Connecticut Center for a New Economy and UNITE HERE

Field Critique: The Republic of Nature: Rediscovering the Environmental Origins of American History

102-C, FAC

Chair: William Cronon, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mark Fiege, Colorado State University
Eric Foner, Columbia University
Linda Gordon, New York University
Mary Beth Norton, Cornell University

Workers, Citizens, and the Social Wage in the Era of Downsizing

202-E, FAC

Chair: Christopher Phelps, University of Nottingham

Reaganized in the 1980s: U.S. Urban Public-Sector Job Losses in Global Perspective
Jane Berger, Cornell University

Let's Make the Market Work for Us: Community-Bank Partnerships as an Alternative to State-Led Urban Renewal, 1975-1989
Rebecca Marchiel, Northwestern University

From Private Support to Privatization: The Corporate Transformation of Higher Education and American Manufacturing
Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, Loyola University Chicago

Commentator: Christopher Phelps

Politics, the Economy, and the Future of the Profession

101-A, FAC

Chair: David Chang, Institute for Advanced Study, University of Minnesota

Albert Camarillo, Stanford University
William Chafe, Duke University
Gail Dubrow, University of Minnesota
Claire Potter, The New School

FRIDAY, APRIL 20 – 3:00 PM                                                        

Plenary Session: David Montgomery--Labor Historian, Activist, Teacher, Mentor

Ballroom A, FAC

Chair: Alice Kessler-Harris, OAH President, Columbia University

James Green, UMass Boston
Andrea van den Heever, Director, Community Organizing Programs, UNITE HERE
Cecelia Bucki, Fairfield University
Yevette Richards Jordan, George Mason University
Michael Honey, University of Washington, Tacoma


Lessons from ACORN: Rethinking Community Organizing in Modern America

103-C, FAC

Chair Marisa Chappell, Oregon State

John Atlas, Author, Seeds of Change: The Story of ACORN, America's Most Controversial Anti-Poverty Community Group
Fred Brooks: School of Social Work, Georgia State University
Tamar Carroll, Rochester Institute of Technology
Randy Cunninghma, Cleveland Tenants Organization
Gary Delgado, Director, BackStory Narratives
Robert Fisher, University of Connecticut
Wade Rathke, Community Organizations International

Frontiers of Finance

103-E, FAC

Chair: Bethany Moretan, University of Georgia

Remaking the World in their Image: Management Consultants and the Rise of the Temporary Economy
Louis Hyman, Cornell University ILR School

Democracy of Credit: The (Un)Politics of Finance and Transformations of Economic Citizenship in U.S. Society
Greta Krippner, University of Michigan

Not All of Us Were Keynesians: Supply-side Ideology and Politics before the Reagan Revolution
Julia Ott, New School

The Cuban Missile Crisis Fifty Years Later--New Perspectives

201-B, FAC

Chair: Thomas A. Schwartz, Vanderbilt University

21 Weeks: Politics and Policy of the Cuban Missile Crisis
David Coleman, University of Virginia

Blind over Cuba
Max Holland, journalist

Soviet Perspectives on the Caribbean Crisis
Sventlana Savanskya, National Security Archive

Outsie the ExComm: Deciding Before Decisions
Martin J. Sherwin, George Mason University

Commentator: James Hershberg, George Washington University


The National Declassification Center: Advancing the Public's Access to National Security Documentation

Moderator: Kristin Ahlberg, U.S. Department of State

101-A, FAC

Carl Ashley, U.S. Department of State
William Burr, National Security Archive
John Fitzpatrick, Director, Information Security Oversight Office
Richard Immerman, Temple University
Sheryl Shenberger, National Declassification Center

Why America Needs a Left: A Historical Argument

202-C, FAC

Eli Zaretsky's Paper "Why America Needs a Left" will serve as the focus of this panel. The paper will be circulated electronically in March to attendees who indicate an interest. Visit http://annualmeeting.oah.org for more information.

Chair: Barbara Epstein, UC Santa Cruz

Why America Needs a Left
Eli Zaretsky, New School for Social Research

Commentators: David Roediger, University of Illinois, and Barbara Epstein

Birthright Citizenship: Can the Fourteenth Amendment Defend Itself?

103-C, FAC

Linda K. Kerber, University of Iowa
Eric Foner, Columbia University
Fred Tsao, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Right
Mae M. Ngai, Columbia University
Adam Coz, New York University School of Law

One Hundred Years Later: The Legacy of 1912 and the Future of Progressive Politics in America

203-C, FAC

Chair: Gary Gerstle, Vanderbilt University

Michael Kazin, Georgetown University
Jackson Lears, Rutgers University
Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Kathryn Kish Sklar, Binghampton University, State University of New York

SATURDAY, APRIL 21 – 1:30 PM             

Neoliberalism and Its Discontents

201-A, FAC

Chair: Jennifer Burns, University of Virginia

Sonja Amadae, The Ohio State University
Johanna Bockman, George Mason University
Angus Burgin, Johns Hopkins University
Jennifer Burns
Daniel Stedman-Jones, City Law School, London

The Crisis of the Public Sector and the Fight over Its Future: A Roundtable Discussion

102-C, FAC

Moderator: William P. Jones, University of Wisconsin

David Newby, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO
Eileen Boris, University of California, Santa Barbara
Joshua B. Freeman, Queens College and the Graduate Center
Roberta Lynch, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

Commentator: David Newby, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Government's Invisible Hand: The Growth of Business-State Partnerships, 1868-1994

202-E, FAC

Chair: Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University

The Urban Policy Limits of Big Government Conservatism, 1979-1990
Brent Cebul, University of Virginia

A "Business Congress": The National Board of Trade, Economic Policy and the Relationship of Business and Government in the Late Nineteenth-Century United States
Cory Davis, University of Illinois at Chicago

Citizen Coke: A Political and Environmental History of the Coca-Cola Company
Bartow Elmore, University of Virginia

 Commentator: Meg Jacobs, MIT

SATURDAY, APRIL 21 – 4:30 PM             

OAH Presidential Address

Ballroom A, FAC

Capitalism, Democracy, and the Emancipation of Belief
Alice Kessler-Harris, Columbia University

SATURDAY, APRIL 21 – 7:00 PM         

Ballroom B, FAC    

BackStory with the American History Guys

This year's keynote will take a public turn. Join an extraordinary team of historian-hosts for a live taping of the radio show BackStory with the American History Guys as they use the history of beer to explore capitalism, democracy, immigration, labor, and more.

SUNDAY, APRIL 22 – 8:00 AM                  

The Rise of Political Spin: Advertising and Publicity in Twentieth-Century American Politics

202-B, FAC

Chair: Brian Balogh, University of Virginia

It's Time for a Change: Representing Female Citizenship on Televsion, 1952-2008
Liette Gidlow, Wayne State University

George Creel and the Perils of Publicity
David Greenberg, Rutgers University

Creating Political Strategy, Controlling Political Work: Edward Bernays as Political Consultant
Adam Sheingate, Johns Hopkins University

Commentator: Sarah Igo, Vanderbilt University

Roundtable: Religion, Democracy, and the Working Class in Capitalist America, Gilded Age to Present

201-B, FAC

Chair: Nick Salvatore, Cornell University

Chris Cantwell, Newberry Library
Maureen Fitzgerald, College of William and Mary
Janine Giordano Drake, University of Illinois
John Hayes, Augusta State University
Matthew Pehl, Augustana College
Jarod Roll, University of Sussex

Commentator: Ken Fones-Wolf, West Virginia University

SUNDAY, APRIL 22 – 10:30 AM    

NEW The Context and Practice of the "Occupy" Movement

203-C, FAC

Chair: Linda Gordon, New York University

Occupy and Women's/Gender Issues
Susan Dirr, Occupy Chicago Activist

Occupy and Organized Labor
Penelope Lewis, The Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, City University of New York

Class Analysis and Narratives of Predators
Alice O'Connor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Occupy and Black Radical Politics
Barbara Ransby, U of I Chicago

The Wisconsin Struggle: Forerunner to Occupy?
Alexander Shashko, UW Madison

Commentator: Linda Gordon

New Directions in the History of Reproductive Rights, 1950-2000: Feminism, Class and Race

102-D, FAC

Chair: Margaret Marsh, Rutgers University

Discrimination or Genocide? Black Politics and the 1972 Michigan Abortion Referendum
Nicola Beisel, Northwestern University

Making Sense of the Abortion Marketplace: The Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers and Consequence of Women's Right to Choose
Judith Houck, University of Wisconsin

"I Didn't Give a Hoot for a Male Contreceptive": A Wealthy Feminist's Support for Reproductive Rights
Joan Johnson, Northeastern Illinois University

Commentator: Alecia Long, Louisiana State University

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