History books make comeback in India

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History books are inching back on the shelves - but with a dash of drama and peppy language to hook the average reader.

"I think there are two major attractions that a historical narrative holds for us. First, history is all about stories...stories about people and places with the benefit of hindsight. And who doesn't like a good story?" asked Udayan Mitra, publisher of Allen Lane and Portfolio imprints at Penguin Books India, said.

"And the second: historical epics are full of heroism, grandeur and romance - something that entertains everyone," Mitra said.

People read historical fiction because they give readers a window into a time they have no idea of, says Priya Kapoor, editor and director of Roli Books.

"Historical fiction brings alive history in a more entertaining way. We would certainly like to know how people of that time lived, what they ate and what did they do. Such books take history to another level," Kapoor said....

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