Santorum's false claims about history

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Rick Santorum, watch out: Stephen Colbert is watching you. 

In recent weeks, the satirical host has made it his mission to fact-check the hyperbole-prone presidential candidate; he even launched a Twitter hashtag, #inmyheart, ridiculing Santorum's tall tales about Dutch euthanasia.

On Tuesday night, Colbert once again criticized Santorum, this time for his false claim that "seven or eight of the California system of universities don’t even teach an American history course."

"That is an outrage. American history should be one of the cornerstones of college education," Colbert said with feigned indignance. "The only thing that would be more outrageous is if this were true."

As it turns out, all the California state universities and all but one UC school offer American history courses; the only one that doesn't, UC San Francisco, is a medical school.

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