OutHistory.org Transcribes the Love Letters of Francis Davis Millet to Charles Warren Stoddard

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On the 100th anniversary of the death on the Titanic of painter Frank Millet, OutHistory.org has published transcriptions of all Millet’s letters to writer Charles Warren Stoddard. The letters indicate that the two had a loving, sexual affair in Venice in 1875.
The intimacy of Millet and Stoddard is also described in a chapter republished on OutHistory from Jonathan Ned Katz’s bookLove Stories: Sex Between Men Before Homosexuality.  Photos of Millet accompany Katz’s history.
“A fascinating aspect of Millet’s devotion to Stoddard,” says Katz, “is that just eight months after he realizes that Stoddard will never settle down with him in a domestic relationship, Millet is writing friends about his love for and impending marriage to Lily Merrill.” Katz adds: “In this era, no homosexual-heterosexual divide told people they had to be either gay or straight, and Millet is a good example of that era’s erotic fluidity.”
This first transcription of all Millet’s letters to Stoddard was the work of OutHistory volunteer Claude M. Gruener, a gay artist and writer in Albany.
Archie Butt by James Gifford
OutHistory is also publishing an original survey of the personal life of Millet’s friend, the bachelor Archibald Butt, who died with him on the Titanic. This study is by volunteer James Gifford, a Professor of Humanities at Mohawk Valley Community College. A photo of Butt accompanies the text.
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All OutHistory texts and photos of Millet, Stoddard, and Butt can be accessed at:
Letters of Frank Millet to Charles Warren Stoddard: May 10, 1875 - January 3, 1900
James Gifford: Archie Butt

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