700th anniversary of William Wallace's death

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The 700th anniversary of the death of William Wallace is due to be marked in Scotland and London. Since being hung, drawn and quartered on 23 August, 1305, Wallace has become a cultural icon.

SNP MSP Christine Grahame has called on the UK Government to instruct the flying of the Saltire above Edinburgh Castle on Tuesday.

Edinburgh Castle is an official flag station for the British Army and the SNP said such a move would be the first time the Saltire has been flown from the highest point on the castle since the 1707 Act of Union.

Ms Grahame said: "The spark which William Wallace ignited led directly to the Wars of Independence and ultimately recognition of Scotland as a free nation.

"Had he not done so then Scotland would almost certainly have been annexed as part of a 'greater England'."

She said raising the Saltire would be a "fitting tribute" to Wallace's memory and the "inspiration it brought to the rest of the Scotland to resist oppression and injustice".

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