Jamaican PM calls for compensation from UK ahead of Prince Harry's visit

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Jamaica's prime minister has hinted that Britain might want to pay her country compensation for the "wicked and brutal" years of slavery in the days of Empire as she prepares to host Prince Harry on the latest leg of his Caribbean tour.

Portia Simpson Miller said that if Britain wanted to apologise for slavery it would be "fine with us" and repeated her view that the Queen should be removed as head of state of the Commonwealth realm.

In an interview with the BBC recorded hours before Prince Harry touched down at Kingston's Normal Manley Airport, Mrs Simpson Miller chose the four-day Diamond Jubilee visit to highlight the way her forebears had been wronged by the British.

"No race should have been subjected to what out ancestors were subjected to," she said. "It was wicked and brutal.

"We gained our freedom through the sweat, blood and tears of our ancestors and we are now free.

"If Britain wishes to apologise, fine with us, no problem at all."...

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