10 hotel rooms where history was made

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(CNN) -- Keith Richards ejects his TV, Ian Fleming creates James Bond, Castro takes on Cuba -- sometimes a hotel room is more than a place to sleep

The best hotel rooms don't just have history, they have stories.

You get a soft bed, an oversized tub and a chance to see through the eyes of some of history's cultural protagonists....

Oscar Wilde arrested: The Cadogan, London, England

It looks genteel enough for your maiden aunt, but The Cadogan, in the heart of London's Knightsbridge shopping district, was struck by scandal within a few years of opening in 1887.

Oscar Wilde was arrested in room 118 on April 6, 1895 for a homosexual act, and subsequently sent to jail. And Edward VII's mistress, the actress Lillie Langtry, continued to sleep in her old bedroom long after her former home had become part of the hotel.

These days, despite being surrounded by foreign brand names like Gucci, Tiffany, Armani and Valentino, The Cadogan feels like a little piece of England forever suspended in the 19th century.

The Cadogan, 75 Sloane St., London, England; room 118 from US$425...

British rule ends in Palestine: King David Hotel, Jerusalem

This hotel has played host to many monarchs and heads of state, and was at the heart of the action during the forging of the state of Israel.

The British Army leased the top floor as an emergency HQ when the Arab revolt broke out in 1936, and a decade later was battling Israeli guerillas, who planted a bomb in the basement, causing 91 deaths.

On May 14, 1948 the Union Flag was lowered, and with independence the hotel regained its place as the city's hotel of choice for visiting heads of state and celebrities.

La Regence, site of the 1946 bombing, is one of Jerusalem's best restaurants, and the huge breakfast room, where hundreds of oranges are hand-squeezed on the spot every morning, is a triumph of art deco architectural splendor.

King David Hotel, David HaMelech 23, Jerusalem; Rooms from US$490.

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