Title transfer celebration set for 1759 Vought House

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An historic, "Title Transfer Celebration" will be held at the Clinton Township Middle School, 34 Grayrock Road, 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 3. A reception will follow in the cafeteria.

Descendant of a Revolutionary War loyalist accepts the deed to his ancestor's property from the Clinton Township School District for historic non-profit. This culminates a six-year struggle by The 1759 Vought House, Inc. to acquire and preserve this house as New Jersey's first loyalist museum. Congressman Leonard Lance, county historian Stephanie Stevens, township mayor, and others will speak.

When the Clinton Township School District purchased an old farm on Grayrock Road in 2004 to build a new middle school, a door to the past was inadvertently thrown open. The astonishing history of this farmhouse had been long forgotten, just as its architectural features had been lost under the accretions of two centuries. A two-story front porch masked the original elevation, a kitchen addition obscured a side wall, an addition on the back had reoriented the house to face Grayrock Road. The house was slated for demolition as the Middle School was being built. The Clinton Township Historic Preservation Commission dedicated the most of its small annual budget to have Michael J. Margulies and Adam Wengryn survey the structure's architecture and genealogist Fred Sisser III discover the home's origins and title history. What they discovered sparked actions by the state Historic Preservation Office, the school district and local citizens over the next several years....

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