Should a Westchester Historic Site be Restored?

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NORTH WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Gen. George Washington established several headquarters in the Hudson River Valley during the Revolutionary War, but one such historic location in Westchester’s North White Plains has been left to wither away over the decades.

In past years, Westchester County officials have considered preserving the Elijah Miller House in North White Plains, where North Castle historians say Washington established a headquarters during the Battle of White Plains in 1776.  Although the house, which the county opened to the public in 1918 and deemed a National Historic Site in 1976, is decrepit and quickly deteriorating, two local residents said they would like to see it saved.

“I’d love to see it restored, but I don’t think the county has the funds,” said Steve Puchir, operations manager of Wallauer’s in North White Plains. “I think it might be a good project for somebody like a Boy Scout troop or a Girl Scout troop to undertake.” He added that such a project wouldn’t be the best undertaking for the county, given the current state of the economy and that fact that it probably wouldn’t be “a money-maker.”...

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