Leading Republican Compares Iraq and Munich

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Tony Blankley, former top aide to Newt Gingrich, argues in a column today that leaders of the anti-war movement are trying to pull a Munich.


Those people today calling for a quick exit from Iraq after the shortest possible decent interval apparently can't imagine anything worse than the sad loss of American troops at the current level in Iraq. Just"stop the killing" and"return to sanity." I don't accuse such people of being foolish -- merely lacking in imagination and foresight. Neville Chamberlain was no fool -- he was just wrong.

Confronting Hitler in 1938 over Czechoslovakia was dangerous. If Hitler didn't back down, British troops would die in the following confrontation. Chamberlain was a man of peace, and he kept the peace for another 11 months.

The road to the bloody hell of World War II was paved with Neville Chamberlain's very good intentions to keep the peace.

If the Iraq exit strategy crowd wins the day (and if, as I believe, Henry Kissinger's vision is a prescient one), 60 years from now no one will be celebrating"Exit Strategy Day." But its advocates will certainly share poor old Neville's dingy place in historic memory.

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Stephen Francis Kislock III - 8/20/2005

Tony Blankley,
Your comparison in "leading Republican compares Iraq and Munich", is backwards.

G.W. Bush is the Hitler in this "Iraqi Freedom".

Iraq is Czechoslovakia, the UN is Prime Minister Chamberlain and the ChickenHawks [USofA] are the Agressor Nation. This means G.W. Bush is playing the part of Hitler.

The Invasion of and Iraq and Czechoslovakia are Hitler wanted to free the Germany People of Czechoslovakia and G.W. Bush to free the People of Iraq from Saddam, Identical situtation.....

Mr. Blankley, Where is Osama bin Laden?

Michael Green - 8/19/2005

Has anyone noticed that when someone who opposes George W. Bush and/or his policies offers a comparison to Hitler, the right condemns that person for invoking the greatest evil in the history of mankind? But when someone on the far right does it, the far right deems it perfectly acceptable? Perhaps Mr. Blankley should go back to justifying his former boss in divorcing his first wife when she had cancer instead of engaging in this kind of propagandizing.