Where did Dewey Square get its name?

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Dewey Square and South Station in 1901, as a bustling center of transportation and industry, and in 2011, where even the 5 p.m. commuters can’t compare to the activity of 110 years earlier. The Occupy Boston tent city is just past the Fiduciary Trust Building at the left edge of the frame.

Long before Dewey Square became the site of Occupy Boston, it was a transportation hub surrounded by warehouses and light industry, a small park of limited usefulness, and the site of some of the most complex construction Boston has ever seen.

The square alongside Atlantic Avenue was named for one of the great heroes of the Pacific, George Dewey, a commodore in the US Navy who led the American Asiatic Squadron to victory in the first major battle of the Spanish-American War. Dewey later became the only person in US history to reach the rank Admiral of the Navy, the most senior rank in the US Navy....

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