Guy Fawkes Gets a Last Laugh, 500 Years Later

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POLITICS aside, the Occupy Wall Street movement has given us some memorable imagery: electric-blue tarps, various graphic riffs on 99 percent, the hipster cop.

But in this new iconography, one image has emerged as particularly bedeviling (and just in time for Halloween): a grinning, somewhat sinister mask of the English folk hero Guy Fawkes.

The stark-white mask, with a Mephistophelian upturned mustache and dagger-thin goatee, was worn by V, the faceless leader in the comic book “V for Vendetta,” who overthrows a future totalitarian society. The anti-establishment message has been embraced by the Wall Street occupiers.

At Zuccotti Park last week, a half-dozen occupiers wore the mask. “This is a leaderless movement,” said Julio Rolon, 36, a chef from Puerto Rico, who wore the mask, like many people, on the back of his head. “People in power don’t know who they’re going to have to take down first.”...

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