Qaddafi, Son and Former Defense Aide Buried in Secret Place

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MISURATA, Libya — After four days on public display in a meat locker here, the slowly decomposing corpses of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, one of his sons and his former defense minister were buried in a predawn funeral at a secret location on Tuesday, a top military official said.

The official, Ibrahim Beitalmal, leader of the military intelligence branch in Misurata, said relatives of the three men, including a nephew of Colonel Qaddafi, Mahmoud Hamid, were permitted to attend the burials. Cellphone photos of the ceremony showed three bodies wrapped in white shrouds and placed in coffins of thin wood.

Mr. Beitalmal declined to specify where the bodies of Colonel Qaddafi; his son Muatassim; and the former defense minister, Abu Bakr Younes, had been interred....

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