Plaque to Irish 'flown earl' unveiled in Spain

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One of Ireland’s “best loved and lost” leaders, Red Hugh O’Donnell, will be remembered in the Spanish city of Valladolid today where a plaque is being unveiled in his honour.

Two-and-a half-year-old Hugo O’Donnell is the youngest of the earl’s descendants to attend the ceremony, which marks the culmination of many years’ effort by the O’Donnell clan to mark the burial place.

Ireland’s ambassador to Spain, Justin Harman, and Mayor of Valladolid Francisco Leon de la Riva will jointly unveil the plaque. Family representatives will include Vincent O’Donnell, secretary of the O’Donnell Clan Association and Don Hugo O’Donnell, Duque de Tetuan and current head of the Spanish branch of the O’ Donnell family.

Red Hugh or “Aodh Rua” died at the young age of 29 in September 1602, having contracted an illness while trying to persuade King Philip III of Spain to come to Ireland’s aid after the Battle of Kinsale defeat in 1601....

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