Fox and Friends ‘Clarifies’ Its False Reporting About ‘Hiroshima Apology’ WikiLeaks Cable

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Thursday, we reported on a Fox and Friends story that contained enough whole cloth to start its own garment district. Among other things, Fox and Friends falsely reported that a WikiLeaks diplomatic cable showed that President Obama proposed a visit to Hiroshima to apologize for the WWII atomic bombing of that city, and of Nagasaki. We contacted Fox News about the inaccuracies in the story, and they promised us that they would “address” the story Friday morning.

In their initial reporting, Fox’s morning trio combined to deliver such false claims, about the leaked diplomatic cable, as:

  • “President Obama wanted to apologize” for Hiroshima.
  • The White House had a great idea. Let’s apologize for dropping that bomb on Hiroshima.
  • A Japanese official “stopped it.”...

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