Ivory Coast loses its crown jewel

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Museum authorities in Ivory Coast have contacted Interpol after thieves stole historic gold jewellery, masks and statues worth an estimated $6m (£3.7m).

The thefts from the country's main museum took place during the recent battle for Abidjan between forces loyal to current President Alassane Ouattara and the former leader Laurent Gbagbo.

Prior to colonisation in 1893, Ivory Coast was home to several flourishing kingdoms, including the Abron of Gyaaman, the Muslim Kong Empire, and a Baoule state and the Anyi kingdoms of Indenie and Sanwi.

Among the stolen artefacts were 35 gold pendants dating from the 18th Century, 12 traditional necklaces from the 17th Century, six miniature gold boxes from the 18th Century, a 19th Century royal sabre and an Akan king head dress, which could come from the Baoule or Anyi kingdoms....

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