Kennedys at odds over compound

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The Kennedy clan will gather tomorrow for a wedding at its Cape Cod compound amid tensions about the future of the property and following a public airing of dissension within the storied political family.

Negotiations are underway to transfer ownership of the main Kennedy home in coming months to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, a proposal that has raised concerns among family members who live on adjacent property, according to two associates close to the family who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The senator, who died in August 2009, had stated in his will that he ultimately wanted the property to be turned over to the institute, which is now being built next to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library at Columbia Point. He gave the rights to the house to his widow, Vicki, and his three children, and they are expected to relinquish them very soon, according to the family associates.

Vicki Kennedy, while carrying out her husband’s wishes, has unsettled other family members in and around the compound, particularly Ethel Kennedy, whose compound home is next to the main house. Delicate negotiations are attempting to placate those concerns, the associates said.

Institute interim president Jack Wilson declined to comment on the issue. Messages left for Vicki Kennedy were not returned....

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