World's biggest Jesus statue sparks backlash in Croatia

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Plans to erect the world's biggest statue of Jesus on a hill overlooking Croatia's second-largest city sparked a backlash in the staunchly Catholic country, with thousands opposing it on Facebook Monday.

Split mayor Zeljko Kerum announced an initiative last week to erect a 129-foot-high statue of Christ – 10 feet taller than the world's current biggest in Swiebodzin, western Poland.

Mr Kerum said the statue, to be erected on the Marjan hill that for many years sported big letters spelling Tito for the late Yugoslav communist leader Josip Broz, was a "good symbol."

But the idea sparked a vivid debate in Croatia with many accusing Mr Kerum, one of the richest businessman in the staunchly Catholic country, of populism ahead of parliamentary elections expected by the end of the year...

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