Picasso painting raises £13.5m for science

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A Picasso painting that was donated to an Australian university has raised £13.5m for scientific research at a sale in London.  

Jeune Fille Endormie was given to the University Of Sydney by an anonymous American donor last year on the condition that it be sold and the money raised be spent on research into obesity.

At a Christie's art auction in London it fetched £13.5m, exceeding expectations by more than £1m.  

The money will be used by the university to pay for staff at a new centre for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The vivid painting, which measures 18 inches tall by 22 inches wide, was painted in 1935 and depicts Picasso's lover and muse, Marie-Therese Walter when she was aged just 17. The artwork is celebrated for its use of bold, expressionist colours and brush strokes. It was painted at Picasso's French country home, Chateau de Boisgeloup and had only been shown once in public before now....  

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