Minn. lake named for slavery supporter draws fire

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minneapolis man has petitioned that Lake Calhoun be renamed, arguing it's inappropriate that a South Carolina politician who was an ardent supporter of slavery should have his name attached to one of Minnesota's most popular recreational lakes.

Retired computer programmer John Winters is suggesting that John C. Calhoun's name be taken off the lake and replaced by the late Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, a former Minneapolis mayor.

Winters, 65, isn't the first person to take offense at the name of Lake Calhoun, but it wasn't immediately clear whether anybody else had ever gone to the trouble of filing formal paperwork to launch a process that could take at least two years.

He spoke out at a park board hearing in April, then filed the formal petition with the board this week.

"You find out he was probably the nation's foremost promoter of slavery in our nation's history and the foremost promoter of the Civil War," Winters told The Associated Press on Friday. "... You look him up and you just get outraged."...

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