War Crimes Suspect Could Be Extradited Tuesday

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BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbian officials vowed on Saturday to track down all those who had helped hide Ratko Mladic and other fugitives accused of war crimes, but their prime interest now is to get the former Bosnian Serb general packed off to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, which could happen as early as Tuesday.

Bruno Vekaric, the deputy war crimes prosecutor here, said that Mr. Mladic was in relatively good health, aware of his surroundings, talkative and even emotional, tearing up when talking about his children.

“He understands everything, he speaks about everything,” Mr. Vekaric said in an interview. “My impression is that there is no problem for a trial.” Mr. Mladic’s family and lawyers, he said, are exaggerating his health problems in order to delay extradition.

“It’s a strategy of his defense, that he is so ill,” Mr. Vekaric said. “That is not true.”...

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