The photographs and letters which expose Winston Churchill's relative's descent into Nazism

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A 'highly significant' collection of unseen documents exposing the Nazi-sympathiser cousin of Sir Winston Churchill's wife have been unearthed in a loft.

The never-before-seen letters and photographs revealing the extent of George Pitt-Rivers' views and his descent into Nazism were discovered in Dorset.

Pitt-Rivers, the cousin of Clementine Churchill, earned fame as a respected anthropologist after fighting as a captain in World War I.

However, during the 1930s, the scientist - described as a perplexing, contradictory and disturbing figure - became a vocal supporter of National Socialism and eugenics, which advocates the use of practices to produce improved offspring.

He established strong links with Adolf Hitler’s government and was eventually arrested as a Nazi sympathiser on the orders of his own cousin-in-law - Winston Churchill....

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